about us

Adventurers welcome! We are a family-run business in sunny St. Pete, Florida whose mission is to make you feel ALIVE! After owning our own Electric Bikes and quickly falling in love with our new mode of transportation and renewed sense of adventure, we wanted to share our experiences with the world.


With an E Bike, the joy really is in the journey. Whether you are just visiting and looking for a fun way to explore, or maybe you’re a laid-back local hoping for a new way to see our beautiful city or beaches, or you are thinking of getting an E Bike yourself, we have an adventure that is right for you!

"If you are looking to laugh and smile and have an experience of a lifetime, then don't hesitate. Rent your E-bike today! " -Jennie T.


what we do

Let us send you on a fun-filled adventure that will put a smile on your face. We have mapped out the area’s most scenic and bike friendly routes to take you to the best sights and destinations St. Pete has to offer, all while feeling the wind in your hair. Whether it be St. Pete’s amazing, downtown Pier, our world-renowned beaches, or the cities awe-inspiring murals, seeing them by E Bike really is the way to go!


how it works

We meet at a starting point, based on the adventure you have pre-chosen or your requested drop-off, and after a short “training”, we will send you on your way.


If you choose one of our predesignated adventures, you will be given either a mobile GPS or printed map (depending on the complexity of the route), so you can just take in the sights and enjoy the ride!

Our half-day rentals allow you plenty of time to explore the area as well as allot time to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak. More than just sending you on a bike ride, we want to give you an experience! Grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, stop by amazing murals for picures, lounge by the Pier or beach, or do some extra exploring--really the choice is yours!


Each bike is also equipped with a picnic blanket and small cooler if you wish to pack a snack or pick one up along the way to enjoy at a peaceful spot.


Give us a call today, and we will assist you in choosing the perfect adventure!

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"It was so much fun!! I highly recommend an Ebike Tour for both visitors and residents of St Pete! " Courtney R.

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Experiences make the

best presents!


about Ebikes

Riding bikes has never been so EASY or so FUN!  All our bikes are pedal assist, meaning while you pedal, the motor assists you, making it much easier and increasing the distance you can travel. 


They also have a “thumb throttle” if you want to kick back and let the bike do all the work for you.  The degree of energy you want to use is really up to you! 


While in some areas of your trip you may go slower (pedestrian areas), there is also areas where you will have open trails for going faster (20mph +) and experiencing the real fun an E Bike has to offer!

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Thinking of getting an Ebike? Try before you buy!

Are you thinking of adding an E Bike to your own healthy, adventurous lifestyle?  E Bikes are the new craze, and once you ride one, you will see why!  Taking an outing with us is a great way to get the E Bike experience and see if it is for you. 


Personally, we saw that it got us out of the house 

exercising much more, and with more energy and ability to travel to farther places, the world of adventure was right below our pedals. 


Plus, if you have physical ailments like arthritis or bad knees, you might be amazed how an E Bike can open up a new world of possibilities for you!  See for yourself today!

Be sure and check out our pricing page for more info. To reserve your spot, call or email today! 


**Payments are taken at time of booking