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Adventurers welcome! We are a family-run business in sunny St. Pete, Florida specializing in Ebike rentals, sales, and  FUN!! After owning our own Ebikes and quickly falling in love with our new mode of transportation and renewed sense of adventure, we wanted to share our experiences with the world.


With an Ebike, the joy really is in the journey. Whether you are a visitor or a laid-back local looking for a fun way to explore, or you are in the market for an Ebike of your own, we are here to help! Getting you into the Ebike lifestlye is our passion, for it truly is life-changing.

We either drop off to you or meet at a designated spot, conveniently located off the Pinellas Trail, where we will give you a short training before sending you on your journey!


There is no more exciting way to explore than by Ebike and our GPS-led adventures are carefully mapped to take you to scenic destinations along bike-friendly routes. We utilize downtown St Pete, Gulfport, The Skyway Trail, and the Pinellas trail for our handcrafted tours, though you can also choose to have us deliver and take your own adventure, or let the owner Drew take you on a guided tour through the sights and murals of sunny St Pete.

Our half-day rentals allow you plenty of time to explore and enjoy our comfortable Ebikes and the wind in your hair, while also giving you time to stop and smell the roses along the way. More than just sending you on a bike ride, we want to give you an experience! Grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, stop by amazing murals for pictures, lounge by the Pier or beach, or do some extra exploring--really the choice is yours! 

If you want to make a full day out of your adventures, we also offer all-day rentals on our long range ebikes so you can cover lots of area or make extended stops along the way. Whatever you are looking for, we have got you covered!

"If you are looking to laugh and smile and have an experience of a lifetime, then don't hesitate. Rent your E-bike today! " -Jennie T.

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what we do

We live the Ebike lifestyle and want to help you do that too!  You can choose a fun-filled, perfectly crafted adventure, take a guided tour full of sights and murals, or let Drew share his passion and expertise for all things Ebike related.


Whether you want a perfect afternoon to explore in the most fun way possible or you want full support in choosing an Ebike of your own, we are happy to assist you every step of the way!

how our rentals work

"It was so much fun!! I highly recommend an Ebike Tour for both visitors and residents of St Pete! " Courtney R.

about Ebikes

Riding bikes has never been so EASY or so FUN!  All our bikes are pedal assist, meaning while you pedal, the motor assists you, making it much easier and increasing the distance you can travel. Say goodbye to couchsurfing!


They also have a "throttle” if you want to kick back and let the bike do all the work for you.  The degree of energy you want to use is really up to you!  


Personally we found adding Ebikes to our life got us out exercising much more, and with more energy and ability to travel to farther places, the world of adventure was right below our pedals. For many, they are even a second vehicle or a way to make chores like a jaunt to the store a whole lot more fun!

Plus, if you have physical ailments like arthritis or bad knees, you might be amazed how an Ebike can open up a new world of possibilities for you!  

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try our Ebike Butler

Let Drew use his enthusiasm and knowledge to help you navigate the big and exciting world of Ebikes!  After owning several brands of bikes, renting to hundreds of diverse customers, and a passion for customer service, Drew is ready to assist you on your journey!

Schedule a consultation to try out and discuss

different styles and the pros and cons of each one so you can make an educated decision before you buy.

From there, we can determine which local bike shop or online store best fits your style and budget!  

Already own an Ebike?  Drew is a wonderful resource for all things Ebike related and would love to help you with any questions and needs you may have!

Experiences make the

best presents!


Be sure and check out our pricing page for more rental info. To reserve your spot or inquire about our Ebike Butler services, call, text, or email us!

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