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What is an E Bike (and do I still have to pedal)? 

There are many different types of Electric Bikes taking the world by storm, but what they share in common is a rechargeable battery that assists you while you pedal, making it easier to go further and faster. Our bikes also incorporate a thumb throttle to easily cruise along at speeds up to 20 mph for periods of non-pedaling.

How fast/far does an E Bike go?

Our E Bikes can reach over 20 mph, but your speed will depend on the gear and level of assist used, as well as how much you are pedaling. On a single charge, our E Bikes will go around 25-45 miles  (depending on factors such as wind resistance, terrain, amount of throttle used, and rider’s weight/height).


What is the height/weight/age limits to rent your E Bikes? 

We can accommodate heights from 5’ up to 6’6” and the maximum weight allowed is 260 lbs.  Our age limit is 18+ (though if a younger person has ample biking experience, is accompanied by a guardian, and is adequate height/weight, we do make exceptions per our discretion).


What is included/supplied in an adventure?  Our adventures begin and end at the same location, where we give you a quick operational/safety training before you depart.  Along with the bikes, we also supply:

  • Small cooler bag or basket

  • Helmets

  • Bike lock

  • GPS or Map, depending on excursion

  • Cold water bottles

  • Rain ponchos


What should we bring?

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Brightly colored, light, and/or SPF clothing

  • Snacks or beverage (optional) *we do provide 16oz waters

  • Money for lunch, snacks, or beverage along route (optional)

  • Shoes with a back (no flip flops)

  • A backpack (if you have more supplies than will fit in our cooler bags)

  • Your phone for communicating and of course for selfies!

  • Masks (if you make stops)

  • An attitude of FUN!


Do I need to sign a waiver?

We will have you sign a waiver and go through a safety checklist/training upon arrival.


How much/how long is an adventure?

Our adventures give you the bikes for up to 4 hours and the cost per bike and accessories is $55+ tax. Each adventure gives you enough time to complete our route as well as some extra downtown to enjoy fun pitstops (a casual lunch, exploring the Pier, taking mural pictures, sightseeing, or relaxing by the waterfront).

Am I physically able to ride an E Bike? 

If you can ride a regular bike, you can ride an E Bike!  In fact, if you can operate a normal bike, but avoid it because pedaling is too hard, physical ailments stop you, or you only take short rides, an E Bike might really give you a leg up!  As long as you are able to sit and pedal lightly for the duration of the trip, the E Bike will do most of the work for you and allow you to go further and faster than you normally would. 

Typically, about 2 hours of the trip are allotted for biking, unless you are extra adventurous and want to explore more off route.   You should also be mentally and visually able to operate the bike and abide by rules of traffic (you will be on slower moving roads at times and crossing intersections). 

What is your rain policy? 

Luckily in St Pete, we have the world record for the most consecutive sunny days!  In the event of inclement weather, we will be in touch prior to the tour to access the situation and make a game plan with you.  We do hold the right to cancel a tour and refund your money if we deem the conditions to be unsafe to you and/or our equipment. 

Most of our rain in St Pete is a quick passing shower, so we also provide you with a poncho in the event of being caught in the rain --which can also make for a fun adventure--and leniency on return time if you need to pull over and wait it out.

What is your cancellation policy? 

  • 48+ hours’ notice - reschedule or full refund

  • Under 48 hours – 50% refund

  • No show – you will be charged the full price


What happens if we lose or damage equipment? 

We have done our best to set you up for success, and it is our hope you will treat our equipment with the same respect you do your own personal items.  We carefully inspect all equipment prior to and after your trip.  In the event of lost or damaged items, we reserve the right to charge your credit card following your outing (up to the amount it costs us to replace the item/s).

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